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3 Undeniable Reasons Why You’ll Slay All Day in a Wrap Dress

Finer Women Rising: Why You'll Slay In a Wrap Dress

Out of all the dress styles available, the wrap dress is almost guaranteed to slay every single time. Here are a few reasons why, including some cool history on this classic wardrobe staple.

A wrap dress has a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other and knotting the attached ties at the front or side of the body. This forms a V-shaped neckline and hugs the wearer’s curves.

The wrap dress was originally invented in 1932 by designer Charles James and was actually called the “taxi dress” because of the ease with which a lady could remove (and presumably replace) it in the back of a taxi.

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg is credited with adapting the dress to contemporary fabrics and colors in the 1960’s and making it the popular style it is today. Von Furstenburg wrap dresses are absolutely gorgeous and if you can find one on sale (check Nordstrom Rack or Neiman Marcus Last Call) in royal blue or white, grab it quickly!

Now in case you have any doubt as to the power of the wrap dress, here are a few reasons why I know you’ll slay in one:

  1. You’ll Slay Because: Wrap Dresses Flatter Almost Any Body type
    You really have to appreciate the fact that the belted, v-neck design of wrap dresses flatter almost any body type.  The wrap dress looks wonderful on triangles, ovals, rectangles, hourglasses and inverted triangles alike. This is very much unlike dress styles such as the shift, a-line, princess line, bias cut, puff ball, dropped waist, tea dress and empire line, which tend to look great only on specific body types. Concerned about your tummy? Choose a wrap dress that ties at the side rather than at the front to draw attention away from the center.
  2. You’ll Slay Because: Wrap Dresses Accentuate Your Curves
    Wrap dresses are made with flowing material like jersey that gently hugs the curves & displays the silhouette in a classy, yet subtly sexy way. To stylishly flaunt your curves in a wrap dress – add a darker colored belt to better show off your waist.Whoever said “your clothes should be tight enough to show that you’re a woman … but loose enough to show that you’re a lady” must have had wrap dresses in mind.
  3. You’ll Slay Because: Wrap Dresses Are Super Easy To Dress Up or Down
    Aside from the universally flattering fit, wrap dresses are easy to dress up or down. At the office, pair it with pumps and a blazer. Add a face-framing statement necklace, clutch and evening pumps to easily transition your wrap dress from a day to night time look. Brooches look particularly great with solid-colored wrap dresses — where the fabric crosses over, add the brooch for a bit of pop.

Faux Wrap Dresses
A faux wrap dress is similar to a regular wrap dress except that it comes already fastened together with no opening or tie in front, but instead is slipped on over your head. Some women prefer regular wrap dresses that have an opening in the front because the ties allows you to customize and adjust the fit to your waist.

So, Where Do I Find a Wrap Dress?
For those of us without a Von Furstenberg budget, you can find reasonably priced wrap dresses at Macy’s, Amazon Fashion, Ebay, Avenue, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. We’ve even searched for a few wrap dresses to get you started!

Now go forth, wrap and slay!

Malica Fleming
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