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10 Easy Steps To Host a Fabulously Finer Sip & Swap!

10 Easy Steps To Hosting a Successful Zeta Phi Beta Sip & Swap

A Finer & Fabulous clothing swap is a fun way to get Sorors together for a sisterly evening of “shopping” for royal blue and white clothes and accessories without the price tag. Here are 10 easy steps to help you organize your own sip & swap!

Step 1: Set a Date
Set a date for the sip and swap at least 1 month in advance to give you enough time to organize/promote and Sorors enough time to search their closets for clothing.

Step 2: Choose a Location
Depending on how many Sorors you plan to invite, you can hold the swap in your home, at a local library or community center.

Step 3: Set The Guidelines
Here are a few example guidelines to set for your sip and swap:

  • Please bring royal blue and/or white suits, skirts, blouses and pants only
  • You can swap for as many items as you bring (bring 5 items, swap 5 items) OR you can swap for as many items as you want
  • Items must be clean, gently used or new, royal blue and/or white and in wearable condition
  • If you are want specific types of items (accessories) or attire (business, formal etc.) make sure to mention that as well
  • Sorors can swap for themselves, not for Sorors who aren’t attending, unless the item is left over at the end of the event

Step 4: Determine The Timeframe
Set a timeframe of 2-3 hours for the sip and swap.  The first 1/2 hour could be mingling, the rest of the time  could be dedicated to the swap.

Step 5: Plan The Refreshments
Serve light hors d’oeuvres, desserts or wine for Sorors to enjoy after the swap or ask each Soror to bring a dish or bottle of wine to make a party of the night.

Step 6: Promote the Event
Use Canva, or hire a graphic designer from Fiverr to create a FINER sip & swap invitation. Then use that flyer/invite graphic in your promotional emails, Facebook Events and social media posts for promotion. It won’t hurt to use traditional methods like the phone to call a few Sorors and invite them personally – they’d appreciate that!

Step 7: Invite Your Sorors
The key to making the swap work is to invite Sorors of various sizes at the event to ensure there are least three matches for each size. This way there will be enough clothes to swap for everyone.

Step 8: Setup The Swap
Before Sorors arrive, organize the space with clearly labeled tables or clothing racks for different sizes and clothing styles (size 10 dresses, size 10 tops, etc.) Place full length mirrors around the room for Sorors to view themselves in their new clothing. Additionally you can set aside a bathroom or use a partition as a “dressing room” to allow Sorors to try on their clothes with more privacy.

Step 9: Start The Swap
Begin the evening with a fun icebreaker, then invite Sorors to sort out their clothes into the designated areas and socialize for the first 30-45 minutes. Once all Sorors have arrived, review the swap guidelines, then open up the swap to all Sorors at once.

Step 10: Donate Leftover Items
Once the sip and swap is over, donate any leftover clothes to a local charity.

Want To Turn This Into A Fundraiser?

  • Create beautiful marketing materials/graphics to promote the event using Canva (my personal favorite!)
  • Create an EventBrite page to sell tickets for a small fee (ex. $5-$10 per person)
  • Invite local boutiques/vendors and charge a vending fee
  • Think revenue streams: Sell 50/50 raffle tickets and or refreshments like cupcakes, wine or wine-infused cupcakes 🙂
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