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12 Elegantly Stylish Ways To Rock Your Pearls In 2017


Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate” and oh how right she was.

These timeless gems symbolize elegance, class and of course our 5 illustrious Founders – no wonder Finer Women adore them so much. And because we adore our pearls so, here are 12 elegant ways for you to rock yours in 2017, all guaranteed to get you out of your “pearl” comfort zone. Enjoy!

  1. Wear a Pearl Hand Chain
    Hand chains or “Haath Phool” (which means hand flower in Hindi), are a traditional Indian bridal accessory that consists of a bracelet with an embellished chain that connects to a ring or loop meant to be worn around the middle finger. However, hand chains have become quite popular and can be worn to accentuate both casual or formal outfits.
    How To Rock It: With a royal blue or silver gown at a formal event or with a white blouse at an after 5 event.
    Where To Find It:
  2. Wear a Pearl Belt
    Replace your usual blue or white belt with a belt made of pearls to add a level of sophistication to your outfit.
    How To Rock It: Around the waist of an after 5 / cocktail dress or formal gown. Below the busom of an empire dress or around the waist of a loose top.
    Where To Find It:
  3. Wear a Pearl Brooch
    A brooch is a fashion accessory that usually attaches to items with a rotating pin clasp. A pin is simply a smaller type of brooch. Brooches aren’t worn directly on the body like other accessories so there are greater opportunities to experiment with these beautiful pins.
    How To Rock It: On your blazer’s lapel, on your scarf or hat, layered on a necklace or clipped to a wrap dress. The possibilities are endless!
    Where To Find It:
    Ebay / Etsy
  4. Wear a Pearl Cocktail Ring
    A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that is larger than a normal ring and is designed to attract attention with its size and colors. Cocktail rings first became popular in the 1940’s when they were worn at, you guessed it, cocktail parties. A pearl cocktail ring is a great way to make a statement and add a splash of finer to your outfit. If you have smaller hands, make sure the pearls in your ring don’t extend past the bottom of your knuckles.
    How To Rock It: Wear a pearl cocktail ring to accessorize an after 5 / cocktail dress or formal gown.
    Where To Find It:
    Traci Lynn / Ebay / Ebay / Etsy
  5. Wear a Pearl Choker
    While a standard pearl necklace will do, a choker can add a whole new dimension of finer and sophistication to your outfit. A choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck, usually made of fabric and featuring details like rhinestones, sequins and of course, pearls. When considering whether to wear a choker, take the length and width of your neck into consideration. If you have a wide neck, choose a slim choker to avoid making your neck appear wider. If you have a short neck, a choker, which is going to lie closer to the base of your throat, may feel uncomfortable on you.
    How To Rock It: A pearl choker would look extremely elegant paired with a v-neck or strapless top / gown, bringing all attention to the neck and upper half of your body.
    Where To Find It:
  6. Wear a Pearl Headband
    While a headband can be used to hold hair in place, a headband adorned with beautiful pearls can be used in conjunction with an elegant updo or other hairstyle to accessorize a cocktail or formal gown.
    How To Rock It: Wear it in your hair (updo or hair down) paired with a cocktail dress or formal gown.
    Where To Find It:
  7. Wear a Pearl Head Chain
    The head chain or “Maang Tikka” is another traditionally Indian accessory worn by women across the globe. A pearl head chain can be worn for any special occasion that requires sophistication and a touch of splendor.
    How To Rock It: Part the hair down the middle (or rock an updo) and wear a pearl head chain to complement your formal gown.
    Where To Find It:
  8. Wear a Pearl Sweater Guard / Clip
    Sweater guards were popular in the ‘50s and this classy accessory is making a comeback.  They include a silver or gold chain with a jewel/pearl at either end, and a clip/clasp used to hold light weight sweaters, cardigans and shirt collars in place.
    How To Rock It: Attached to opposite sides of your garment (cardigan or shawl) so it hangs in a “u” shape on your chest. A pearl sweater guard would look beautiful when clipped onto a royal blue cardigan – perfect for a chapter meeting or business casual event. Attached to opposite sides of your cardigan or shawl so it hangs in a “u” shape on your chest.
    Where To Find It:
  9. Wear a Pearl Backdrop Necklace
    The perfect way to make a statement at your next after 5 or formal event is with a pearl back drop necklace. This very subtle, vintage-inspired accessory elegantly accentuates your back and shoulder area when worn with a strapless dress or top with an open back. A pearl backdrop necklace elegantly draped down your back is also the perfect way to break up the openness of a backless gown. Psssst! Here’s a secret tip for you: Any pearl necklace without a lobster clasp or obvious closure point that is long enough to be draped down your back can be used as a backdrop necklace.
    Where To Find It: Ebay / Ebay
  10. Wear a Pearl Lariat
    A lariat is a necklace that is open, with no clasp. Because of this unique feature, the lariat can be worn and wrapped in many different ways, with many different outfits. If you still have trouble picturing it, think of a lariat like a scarf. Both scarves and lariats can be styled in endless ways (knot, cross-over, choker, etc.) and worn at both casual and formal occasions.
    How To Rock It: Wear your lariat with a blouse, wrapping it around your neck once, and then cross the ends in front, creating a V. Drape the lariat  around your neck and tie the long, loose ends together in a knot in front – this is a great look that can be worn with almost any top.
    Where To Find It: Etsy / Etsy
  11. Wear a Pearled Clutch
    Leave your blue or silver purse at home (just this once) and take your finer up a notch with an elegant pearl clutch at your next after 5 or formal event.
    How To Rock It: To complement an after 5 / cocktail dress or formal gown
    Where To Find It: Ebay
  12. Wear a Pearl Epaulette (Shoulder Necklace)
    Epaulettes (shoulder necklace) are ornamental shoulder pieces or decorations originally worn as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations. Today, epaulettes are worn by women who want to make a statement with a vintage, elegant look. They’re ideal for Finer Women who want to flaunt their beautiful shoulders or draw attention away from the hips or belly.
    How To Rock It: Draped on your shoulders with a strapless gown, top or dress with a low back.  Consider a small pearl headband to complement the epaulette and tie your look together. When wearing a detailed, intricate epaulette, keep the bodice of your dress and the rest of your accessories minimal (small earrings, etc.)
    Where To Find It:

Personally, I’d love to try wearing a pearl epaulette this summer. Which of these pearl accessories will you rock this year? Which do you already own?

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