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Finer Tees are stylish, statement t-shirts that authentically represent the Finer woman you are. Rock one of our newest t-shirt designs paired with your favorite pearls and pumps!
Finer Style

12 Elegantly Stylish Ways To Rock Your Pearls In 2017

Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate” and oh how right she was.

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Finer Living

Soror Minnie Riperton Wanted You To Know This About Her Life

Soror Minnie Riperton: Finer Woman Rising

On Life and Seeing The Glass Half Full

I love music; I love life. I really enjoy my life; I really do. I really feel like I’m lucky. I get to sing to you and feel such good vibes; I get to do what I do–I’m just very lucky I guess. I guess you can say I’m one of those kinds of person who would much rather look at the glass half full rather than half empty.
Soror Minnie Riperton, Singer/Songwriter
Source: Minnie Riperton Tribute Website

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Finer Living

Being Finer Is An Inside Job

Finer Women Rising: Being Finer Is An Inside Job

Let’s put aside the visual aspects of Finer Womanhood (just for a moment) & begin 2017 by getting to the root of what it REALLY means to be finer.

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