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Soror Minnie Riperton Wanted You To Know This About Her Life

Soror Minnie Riperton: Finer Woman Rising

On Life and Seeing The Glass Half Full

I love music; I love life. I really enjoy my life; I really do. I really feel like I’m lucky. I get to sing to you and feel such good vibes; I get to do what I do–I’m just very lucky I guess. I guess you can say I’m one of those kinds of person who would much rather look at the glass half full rather than half empty.
Soror Minnie Riperton, Singer/Songwriter
Source: Minnie Riperton Tribute Website

On Being a Finer Woman At All Times

Wherever I went and whatever I did, I was always aware that consciously or unconsciously someone was saying “That’s Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.”

Soror Isabel M. Herson, 16th International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

On Women In Congress

Often I feel there are some things that I bring to the table as a woman, a mother and a lawyer that add value to the conversation. When you compare the percentage to the general population, there are not enough women in Congress.

Soror Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (D. MD)
Source: Esquire. “What I’ve Learned: Representative Donna Edwards.”

On Black Images and Hollywood

I told the producers, “I did not agree to do a clown show for you to degrade young black men. I ruffle a lot of feathers. And I’m also selective—that makes you a troublemaker. But so be it. I laid a cornerstone for black actors, and that makes me happy.”

Soror Esther Rolle, Actress, Dancer, Founding Member of the Negro Ensemble Company
Source: People Magazine (1990)

On Integrating the University of Alabama

In 1956, Autherine Lucy became the first African American student to integrate the University of Alabama. Riots broke out, and she was expelled after three days. Thirty-two years later, the university wrote her a letter notifying her that the expulsion had been revoked and she could re-enroll. As quoted in I Dream a World by Brian Lanker, Autherine said of the University of Alabama community, “They were fighting tradition and change. It just wasn’t my time.
Soror Autherine Lucy, The first African American student to integrate the University of Alabama
Source: I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America by Brian Lanker (1989)

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