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Get Ready for Dîner en Blanc Baltimore: What You Need To Know

Finer Women Rising Covers the Diner en Blanc Debut's in Baltimore, Maryland

Ladies and gentlemen, get your elegant, all-white attire ready because Dîner en Blanc is making its historic debut in Baltimore, Maryland this summer on Saturday July 15th!

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Dîner en Blanc DC for the past 3 years and I’m super excited to support the team hosting this glamorous inaugural affair in the beautiful city of Baltimore! Here’s everything you need to know about this summer’s most exciting event!

What’s the history behind Dîner en Blanc?
Dîner en Blanc is a glamorous soiree where guests dine together outdoors in some of the most beautiful locations around the world dressed in all-white, fashionable attire. The event maintains an air of exclusivity and mystery because the location is kept top secret until the last moment and participants must either be members, invited by a member or join the waiting list. The first event was organized in Paris almost 30 years ago by Francois Pasquier and today is held in more than 70 cities and 35 counties around the world!

Who are the hosts of Diner en Blanc Baltimore?
Diner en Blanc Baltimore is hosted by trio Candice Denise Owens (hey Soror!), Courtney Bryant and Hanna Cohen. These ladies are working super-hard to bring this amazing event to Charm City. As part of our team of awesome table leaders, I’ll be working with the hosts to ensure that our guests will have a beautiful & memorable experience.

When Is Dîner en Blanc Baltimore?
The event is being held on Saturday July 15th.

Where Will It Be Held?
The event will be held in a secret location (in Baltimore of course) revealed to guests on the day of the event.

How Does It Work?
After registering for Diner en Blanc, you’ll meet at your selected departure point (various locations in/around Baltimore) on July 15th, stow away your table & chairs & get whisked away by chartered bus to the secret location.

Ok, I Gotta Be There! How Do I Register?
The registration fee to attend Dîner en Blanc is $49 per person and since you’ll dine in pairs, be ready to register your guest as well.  But hold on a sec – registration is organized in phases and that’s where the whole exclusivity part comes into play. You can participate in one of three ways:

  1. Be invited by a Dîner en Blanc Baltimore host or Table Leader to register during Phase 1
  2. Know someone who registers during Phase 1 and ask them to sponsor you for Phase 2
  3. Signup for the waiting list on the Diner en Blanc Baltimore website and register for Phase 3

Once you register you’ll receive more specific instructions from your Table Leader

What Do I Bring?

  • A 28×28 or 32×32 inch square table and a set of white chairs, white/real table cloth & napkins, white/real dinnerware, glassware & flatware (no plastic or paper). Flatware can be metallic
  • A gourmet meal for 2 and non-alcoholic beverage (no outside alcohol permitted). You can purchase wine or champagne through DEB
  • Eye-catching, all-white table decor/centerpiece (except for any flowers). Metallic accents (silver, gold, bronze) can be used to decorate your table.
  • Trash bags for cleanup

Where Can I Get All This Stuff?
We’ve got you covered! The Diner en Blanc Baltimore Amazon store has a convenient list of supplies you can purchase for the event. In the past, I’ve also found some amazing bargains at IKEA & Target. I purchased my centerpiece supplies from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. For the past 3 years I’ve brought my food from either Wegmans or Wholefoods.

Want To Travel Super Light?
Registered guests can purchase catered dinner/wine, table/chair and centerpiece packages from the Diner en Blanc Baltimore e-Store during registration up until July 5th.  This way, all you have to do is pickup your items at the secret location! How easy & stress-free is that?

Do I Really Have To Wear All White?
Yes! All white is required (leave the tan/ecru at home please) and NO accent colors are allowed. If you need attire inspiration/ideas, visit the Dîner en Blanc Baltimore website.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

  • Remember, your table set-up has to be all-white including your linen, chairs, napkins etc. Select the same departure point (the earlier the better) and table leader as your friends to increase your chances of being seated near each other at the event
  • Bring a wine opener and LED lights to keep your table completely lit (NO candles please!)
  • Don’t forget to bring water, disposable wipes, hand sanitizer and a portable cell phone charger
  • Bring some ice to keep your food & beverages chilled
  • Don’t just mingle with your friends all night, get out and meet new folks!
  • Have FUN!
Malica Fleming
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