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Finer Women, Let’s Stay Fired Up!

Zeta Phi Beta Social Action - Baltimore

Seeing our Sorors across the country and locally, so engaged and involved in response to the events in Baltimore over the past week makes me exceptionally proud to be a Zeta.

As Zetas, we understand that being Finer is not just about the clothes we wear, putting on great parties, stepping and showing out when it’s time for conventions, but it IS about putting on a servant’s cloak and getting in the trenches so our communities know who we are and that we care.

Thanks to the strong and inspiring leadership of Zeta Phi Beta Maryland State Director, Soror Danielle Green, Zeta women showed up and out last week to protest, seek answers and rebuild in Baltimore.

  • Zetas showed up in droves to support the Baltimore community and protest with religious leadership at Empowerment Temple.
  • Zetas answered the call of Baltimore Councilman Nick Mosby by donating and delivering over 500 toiletries to seniors affected by the recent events.
  • Zetas volunteered at the Greater Baltimore Urban League to work with our youth.

Zetas connected with community leadership, rallied, delivered supplies, comforted, mentored and prayed for and with youth, men and women in our communities.

But it wasn’t just in Baltimore. Sorors from Philly, New York and all across the country joined enmasse to show their support as well. In short,

  • Zeta women are on the front lines.
  • Zeta women do not shrink back from engaging with our communities.
  • Zeta women blaze paths for others to follow.
  • And this is why Zeta is the sorority of choice.

Make the decision today, if you haven’t already, to mentor a young person, sponsor a school/classroom, or volunteer at a senior center. I mentor young women through a local non-profit called Bernadette’s House. Last week my chapter, Tau Delta Zeta, presented gift cards to “Most Improved” students at the honor assembly of our adopted school, Laurel Elementary.

Soror Nicole Norris who attended Saturday’s Victory Rally in Baltimore noted, “Everyone wanted a picture or to discuss what they knew about Zeta. We were stopped so many times by folks acknowledging our work in the community…” Whatever it is you decide to do, stay engaged so our communities know that the “ladies in blue”- as we are sometimes affectionately called by some, continue to know and recognize us by our works.

As the fires that raged in Baltimore last week die down, Finer Women, let’s make sure we stay fired up – because there is still so much work to be done.

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Finer Living

The Cost of Being Finer

Malica Fleming and her mentee

What made you think that you didn’t have to pay?” The young female parking attendant said to me in the most arrogant, condescending voice I’d ever heard in my life.

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Finer Living

I Was Terrified, But Did It Anyway! Can You Relate?

Malica Fleming Speaking at Work Your Package 2015

I was so freaking nervous.

I thought deeply about the question that Soror Ayanna Castro, host of the Work Your Package Women’s conference, had just asked me while I sat on stage for the Pursue Your Passions Entrepreneurial panel.

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